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Any successful career starts with good education. Together with us your child will acquire deep knowledge in academics and develop a strong personality through the various opportunities available at Navdeep Public School.

Investing in Knowledge

At Navdeep Public School, we believe that investing in our students education and knowledge will help them in becoming outstanding human beings ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Open Minds
Creating the Future

Build your future with us! The educational opportunities at our School will give you the necessary skills, training, and knowledge to make everything you learned here work for you in the future.

About the School

Surrounded by lush green grass and gently swaying coconut palms, Navdeep Public School which began in the year 2003 is situated in a calm and quiet area with a serene atmosphere, far from the bustling city and ideal for an 'Abode of Learning'.

Navdeep envisages creating professional, cosmopolitan, confident, self-reliant and remarkable human beings, capable of flourishing in a challenging and ever changing environment. 'Education for Life' shall always be our mantra as we stride into the vistas of this exhilarating New Millennium.

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Navdeep Public School was founded on the principle that by pursuing big ideas and sharing what we learn, we make the world a better place. For more than 15 years, we haven’t strayed from that vision.



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June 11, 2019